How To Save Money On Car Insurance

Posted by Ernest Hamilton on May 04, 2019 03:29 PM EDT
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Saving money on your car insurance is often the only way for a struggling worker to make ends meet, especially since cheaper premiums and affordable quotes can be gained with a little preparation. Nonetheless, many drivers continue to grapple with steep car insurance premiums because they didn't understand what they were getting into when it came to negotiating their rates and detailing their driving history.

Here are some strategies for saving money on car insurance, and some of the key mistakes that have held other drivers down in the past that you need to avoid.

Understand the role of bias

Before you can hope to save money on car insurance, you need to understand the role of bias in the decision-making process. Many insurers who are determining your rates and the initial quote you'll deal with aren't making an honest assessment of your driving history. As a matter of fact, your driving history can mean next to nothing at all in certain circumstances, as a long history of social discrimination based on postal code and a number of other biases has been well-documented across the insurance industry. Major publications like the New York Times have run major stories on discrimination and its role in the insurance industry, yet racial, gender, and other biases continue to plague drivers looking to pay an honest rate for good coverage.

You should be well aware of your rights ahead of time if you want to get a good insurance rate. Similarly, the difference between facing an unjust rate and an affordable one may be your willingness to call discrimination out when it arises, so don't be afraid to assert yourself if an otherwise stellar driving history and safe vehicle are being dismissed on the basis of your background. There are other ways to save money on car insurance, too, most of which revolve around knowing which vehicles to buy and where you'll be getting coverage.

Not all vehicles are created equally - as a matter of fact, some cars have astonishingly better insurance options than others, and you'll soon discover that factoring insurance into the equation before purchasing a new vehicle could save you plenty of money in the long run. The cheapest cars to insure are generally safer and greener than the more expensive ones, so consider saving the environment if you're facing steep quotes that put insurance beyond the realm of affordability.

There's more than just shopping around

Those who are trying to save money on car insurance are frequently told to "just shop around," but there's much more to it than that if you're looking for the best deal. Knowing how to bundle your insurance options, for instance, is a necessary part of getting an amazing deal that could save you untold thousands over the years. Homeowners insurance is often bundled with car insurance for the purpose of saving everyday people money, for instance, so don't be afraid to explore bundling your insurance in an effort to save cash.

You can also try to get another person to co-sign your insurance policy, as they'll lend you some of their credibility if you're struggling to convince insurers you're worth it. Always be careful when entering into insurance agreements with others, however, as any legal obligation you're making with another person can damage your personal relationship in the event of a car collision. Money and insurance are both important, but be aware of how your personal relationships can be impacted by insurance agreements that include co-signers.

Finally, a stellar driving record doesn't always give you better car insurance, but it's the only surefire way to prove to insurers that you're a reliable vehicle owner unlikely to suffer from an accidental collision anytime soon. Be sure to get rid of your lead foot the minute it arises, and to focus on vehicles that are safe and easy to drive if you're thinking about long-term savings opportunities. Additionally, getting insurance elsewhere is sometimes worthwhile, as certain states and cities (such as Detroit in Michigan) feature astonishingly higher rates than others.

Saving money on Calgary car insurance is about more than knowing how to fill out a form or which car to buy - at its core, it's about knowing how to bundle your insurance from the get-go and maintain a pristine driving record. Similarly, you must be prepared to fight discrimination wherever you find it, as you'll soon discover the unfortunate reality of bias in the insurance industry that's plagued drivers everywhere for decades. As long as you keep casting a wide net when browsing various insurance options and consider going elsewhere when it comes time to get a quote, however, you'll soon discover that you're saving tons of money on car insurance.

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