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Europe Completes Its First Ever Blockchain Real Estate Sale for €6.5 Million
The Increased Importance Of Environmental Sustainability In Real Estate
  • The Increased Importance Of Environmental Sustainability In Real Estate
  • Staying one step ahead in the uncertain and competitive real estate space can be a challenge. We started out the year with many experts predicting that sustainability would once again be a "trend" for 2019. This is not an "aha" moment for most of us: Green building and sustainability have been enduring trends in the industry for the past couple of decades. Sustainability can no longer be considered a niche. In fact, consumers demand and expect it from most aspects of their lives. Even professional sports leagues, like the NFL, now have formal sustainability initiatives in place. According to a recent survey by Nielsen, 81% of consumers around the globe believe it is extremely or very important for companies to have environmental improvement as an objective. Full Article
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Independence Day And The Housing Crisis
  • Independence Day And The Housing Crisis
  • Independence Day! It conjures those images of barbecues and fireworks and patriotic celebration of the American Dream, which seemed so familiar until recent decades when we as a country became more divided about what patriotism actually is. To me, the notion of independence has always had more personal and nuanced connotations associated with personal freedom.
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Craft Brewery Estate Is On Tap Near Asheville
  • Craft Brewery Estate Is On Tap Near Asheville
  • If you're a beer connoisseur, raise a pint to this classic North Carolina estate-and top it off with $3.4 million while you're at it. The sprawling 10.5-acre property in Fletcher includes the main residence, a barn, and a detached garage apartment. But the state-of-the-art craft home brewery guest house is the best thing on tap here.
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  • Renting Office Space? Heres What You Should Know Beforehand
  • Renting or leasing your first office space is a big deal. It's a significant milestone in the progress of a business, one that can also help you legitimize and grow your business. Whereas before you might have relied solely on ecommerce, or remote communication, you all of a sudden have a physical centre of operations. But how you choose that space, and what you do with it, can have a profound effect on your business.
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